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It’s Launch Day for SIGHT: Book 2 of The Dream Guild Chronicles!

SIGHT: The Dream Guild Chronicles – Book Two available now on Amazon  In the exciting sequel to Irradiance, it’s been four months since the six refugees fled the dystopian Community of Sindra, and already the Joined adults are showing signs of sickness. … Continue reading

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The Dream Guild Chronicles, An Origin Story, or How I Became a Writer

My new novel Sight launches tomorrow, the second book in my sci-fi/fantasy series The Dream Guild Chronicles, and I have to say, I’m pretty freakin’ excited about it. This post started out as a plug for the new book, but then I … Continue reading

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#MondayBlogs – My Writing Process

When I launched my new career as a professional writer, I had no idea how many new and interesting people I would meet along the way, including the lovely and talented Jo Beckford. So when my British-South African-Dutch friend tagged … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal: SIGHT: The Dream Guild Chronicles – Book Two

Seven short days from now I will be releasing SIGHT, the next installment in The Dream Guild Chronicles. WHAT? You haven’t read IRRADIANCE, Book One yet? Well, seven days ought to be just enough time to get caught up! Now, on … Continue reading

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Book Review: TIME TO LET GO by Christoph Fischer

Author Christoph Fischer is a sneaky man, sly, some might even say devious. His new novel Time to Let Go reads like a simple tale of a typical dysfunctional family. The two main characters are Hanna, a single flight attendant … Continue reading

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Book Review: CRUCIBLE by Moira Katson

I came across Moira Katson’s new novel CRUCIBLE: Book 1 of the Novum Trilogy in a book release announcement by Tammy Salyers. In her bio, Moira mentioned she lived in “the frozen North.” I got a good chuckle as I … Continue reading

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Book Review: G.I. JOE: FALL OF MANN by Ernie Lindsey

Until this week, I had never read a piece of fan fiction. Ever. So when author Ernie Lindsey sent a note out asking for volunteer reviewers for his latest fanfic novella G.I. Joe: Fall of Mann, I decided it was high … Continue reading

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Book Review: AETNA ADRIFT by Erik Wecks

When you sell your book on Amazon, there is a feature on your book page called “Customers Who Viewed this Item Also Viewed.” I like to browse this list to see what other authors are up to. A few weeks … Continue reading

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