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THE COLLECTOR is now an Audio Drama

A few months ago, I sold the audio rights to my short story, The Collector, to a monthly science fiction audio drama series called Redshift. In their call for submissions, they describe their work as “a sci-fi anthology series in the … Continue reading

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I’m running a Goodreads giveaway for a paperback copy of Weapons of Mass Deception, signed by both authors. Enter to win! Goodreads Book Giveaway Weapons of Mass Deception by David Bruns Giveaway ends May 31, 2015. See the giveaway details … Continue reading

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6 Writing Techniques I Learned at Storymasters

I have a guest post running over at Writer Unboxed today about my experience attending my first writing workshop. Here’s the opening paragraph: Sometimes you just need to jump into the deep end of the pool. Take, for example, my … Continue reading

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New Release: AKAELA by EE Giorgi

The Gaijins call us Kuklas, their word for “mechanical doll.” Akaela, the latest from author EE Giorgi, is a book of contradictions. You might even call it “the future of the past.” Following the Plague in 2189, only two races … Continue reading

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New Release: WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION by David Bruns & JR Olson

A military thriller by two US Navy veterans that could be ripped from today’s headlines Patriot Games meets The Fourth Protocol in this riveting story of modern-day nuclear terrorism. In 2003, the world watched as coalition forces toppled Iraqi dictator … Continue reading

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APOCALYPSE WEIRD: What It Is and Why YOU Should Care

APOCALYPSE WEIRD is the first offering from Wonderment Media, a cadre of creative professionals who seek a middle path between the (often warring) camps of independent and traditional publishers. Take note; whether you’re a reader or a writer, the AW … Continue reading

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7 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Crowdfund Your Art

So you think you want to crowdfund your artistic project. It’ll be easy. After all, didn’t some guy raise over $50,000 making potato salad? Sure, but let’s talk some facts first. More than half — 59 percent — of all Kickstarter projects … Continue reading

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Blood Riders, start your engines!

So there I was, happily reading along about the end of the world—or the end of Long Island, at least. Well, “happily” might be stretching it when you’re talking about beaches littered with suicidal dolphins, old-time sailing ships dripping with … Continue reading

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