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Countdown to #Immortality – An Interview

As we countdown the final days to release of Immortality Chronicles, the next edition of Samuel Peralta’s best-selling Future Chronicles series of short story anthologies, Will Swardstrom posted interviews with all the authors in the collection. Here’s the interview he did … Continue reading

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Nuggets of Space Opera Goodness

What happens when you invite eleven best-selling sci-fi authors to contribute a short story to an anthology? You get Dark Beyond the Stars, a space opera extravaganza filled with  AI and drones and gritty space stations and aliens and… I … Continue reading

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3 Things I Learned From My First Radio Interview

It’s hard to believe it’s been over two months since the Two Navy Guys launched Weapons of Mass Deception. We’ve completed sending out the Kickstarter campaign rewards and the book selfies are starting to show up from around the world. … Continue reading

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