How To Get Your Short Story Turned into a Radio Drama (2)

Early this year, I sold the audio drama rights to one of my short stories to a sci-fi radio drama group called Redshift. Their team of writers and actors did a fabulous job of converting “The Collector,” a 9000 word short story, into a 23-minute radio performance.


Click the cover to hear Redshift’s version of The Collector.

This is not an audiobook, this is an audio drama. Remember the old-timey radio series like “The Shadow” or “Dimension X?” Well, that’s what we’re talking about here. Redshift takes scripts or prose pieces and adapts them for performance. Creepy background music, doors opening, footsteps, the whole nine yards.

Redshift has opened up submissions for Season Two.

They’re looking for Twilight Zone-ish science fiction. Read the full submission guidelines here.

Before you go, you should know that Redshift is in the final days of a Kickstarter to help fund Season Two. Give the video a gander, then click the K in the upper left corner and help them out if you can.

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David Bruns is the creator of the sci-fi series The Dream Guild Chronicles, one half of the Two Navy Guys and a Novel blog series about co-writing a military thriller, and co-author of Weapons of Mass Deceptiona story of modern-day nuclear terrorism.


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