PARADISI CHRONICLES: An Open Source Sci-Fi Universe

Another world. Another chance…

cw-paradisi-ebookIn the last decades of the twenty-first century, seeking to escape a devastated Earth, ten families focus on constructing spaceships to colonize the world they call New Eden, in the Paradisi System. But the world they claim for their own is already inhabited, and the Ddaerans, although human in appearance, possess abilities that the Founders and their descendants do not…

Twelve authors take us on that incredible journey with adventurers, scientists and colonists, as they push the boundaries against the unknown, against alien civilization, and themselves.

I’m thrilled to be a part of a new Chronicle Worlds anthology by Samuel Peralta.

Introducing Paradisi Chronicles, an open-source sci-fi world where writers can create their own stories within a larger framework universe.

Here’s a sample of “A Touch of Deceit”.

My contribution to the collection is “A Touch of Deceit,” a neo-noir mystery set on the planet of New Eden where rookie agent Gideon Thorndike is called on to solve a murder using his very unique skillset.

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David Bruns is the creator of the sci-fi series The Dream Guild Chronicles and numerous speculative fiction short works. In his spare time, he co-authors contemporary thrillers with titles like Weapons of Mass Deceptiona story of modern-day nuclear terrorism. Get the David Bruns Starter Library for free.

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