The Yesterday Adjustment

A Pennsylvania Novella

Book Cover: The Yesterday Adjustment

Set in the rich Amish science-fiction world of Michael Bunker’s PENNSYLVANIA, “The Yesterday Adjustment” is James Bond meets Harrison Ford in the The Witness.

Washington crossing the Delaware, Truman dropping the atomic bomb, TRACE rebels capturing the first Transport portal at Columbia. All inflection events that fundamentally altered the trajectory of mankind’s future.

After more than a half-century at war, Transport is desperate for a way to defeat the rebels once and for all. Enter Damien Strickland, Time Operative agent. His mission: posing as an Amish man, go back in time and make sure the rebel attack on the Columbia portal fails.

The mission takes an unexpected turn when he meets Amos Troyer, the man who will grow up to become the feared leader of the rebel forces.

But Amos in this timeline is only a harmless sixteen year old Amish boy.