Meet the Two Navy Guys

J.R. and David are both former Navy officers and Naval Academy graduates. We write contemporary thrillers drawn from today’s headlines.


David and JR signing copies of the Collector’s Edition of WMD


Posts From the Two Navy Guys

While writing WMD, we blogged about what it’s like to co-write, crowdfund, publish and market a book. We talked about the decisions we made and why we made them, what we hoped would happen and how it actually turned out.

  1. Our first post talks about a moment of serendipity that got two friends thinking about co-writing a novel. Wars have been fought for less!
  2. Meet the Guys gives our bios and what we hope to accomplish in this creative venture. Remember: Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
  3. Rules of Engagement is a post about setting expectations for our readers (and ourselves) about how we’re going to run this operation.
  4. What does the Iran-Iraq War have to do with WMDs? See our post about The Idea Behind WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION to find out.
  5. How does our collaboration process work? In the post called How Do You CO-WRITE a Book? we tell you how we’re doing it.
  6. Ever wondered how long it takes to write a book? Well, the Navy Guys lay out our project schedule in this post.
  7. We promised that we wouldn’t be all work-work-work, so here’s a sea story for all you readers who wonder what life is like as a junior officer at sea.
  8. We expected to have to struggle over our publishing path. Should we try to go the traditional publishing route or self-publish. In the end, it wasn’t much of a decision at all.
  9. When you write a book, you have lots of great background material that never gets used. Check out this post about the origins of the Somali piracy problem.
  10. Find out why Helsinki, Finland, is a great setting for a spy novel.
  11. Occasionally, we like to scare the hell out of you with some non-confidential, but not well known, knowledge. Like the fact that Hezbollah has a significant presence in South America.
  12. Two Navy Guys take a detour into org charts and the structure of the US Intelligence Community. It ain’t sexy, but it is how things really work.
  13. The Guys decide we’ve learned a few things that will affect our timeline. Hey, we told you upfront we would make mistakes! Keep in mind: it all in pursuit of quality.
  14. This week we discuss spy ships. Who has them, why do they have them, maybe a touch of spy ship history…Then we let our fictional minds run wild.
  15. The end (of the first draft) is nigh! It’s time for us to look ahead and think about our beta readers.
  16. The Guys take a look at the FBI, combating terrorism on US soil, and the difference between our world of fiction and real life.
  17. The day we’ve all been looking forward to has finally arrived. Get your sneak peek at Chapter One of WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION.
  18. Since we’re so close to completing our second draft, we decided it’s time revisit our co-writing process.
  19. We’ve talked about how we wanted to set up our beta reading process, so now meet our Beta Reader Superheroes.
  20. JR tells another sea story about his trip to Afghanistan in 2005. He meets Navy SEALs, an Afghani warlord, sees a buzkhashi match, and visits a weapons cache in a mountain cave. And he has the pictures to prove it! Told in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.
  21. If at first you don’t succeed…This post describes what our beta readers told us about the manuscript for WMD, and what we did about it.
  22. Take a look at our gorgeous new cover and read the book description for WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION.
  23. Read Chapter Two of WMD. Meet Brendan and Liz, our two main characters and see a little bit of life inside the walls of the US Naval Academy.
  24. Self-publishing is not free. In this post we talk about how much it costs to publish Weapons of Mass Deception.
  25. So we’ve decided to do a Kickstarter campaign to raise money (and awareness) of WMD. Here’s our thoughts about crowdfunding.
  26. Time for another sneak peek at WMD! Chapter 3 is waiting.
  27. Over the month of March, we ran a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund our novel. We talked about it herehere and here.
  28. The Iranian nuclear negotiations are in the news and they also play a big part in WMD.
  29. When we started this project, we told you we were going to share details, so here’s the numbers inside our successful Kickstarter campaign for WMD.
  30. Minnesota plays a big role in our lives and in our novel, so this post is about our approach to putting our hometown into a novel about nuclear terrorism.
  31. The Iranians are back in the news, so we thought we’d take a time out to tell you our point of view on this very complex, high stakes negotiations.
  32. Launch Day is here for WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION. Read all about it!
  33. We are hip-deep into the details of producing a very special Collector’s Edition of our Kickstarter backers.
  34. The Collector’s Edition is done! Here’s what the finished product looks like.
  35. The Kickstarter is over and the last packages are in the mail. Here’s our thoughts on the rewards of a Kickstarter campaign.
  36. For all your accountants out there, this capstone post details how we spent the Kickstarter cash.